Please observe where your innervision takes you as we focus our attention on our true-selves.

Imagine you are looking into the tube of a kaleidoscope witnessing  thousands of beautiful shards of glass, turning, rotating, shifting into different spaces.

Continually changing symmetrical, geometrical forms and configurations.

Observe constantly reconfiguring patterns shapes and forms. 

We are living, breathing, multidimensional kaleidoscopes.

We are swirling living systems within living systems. 

We are one with the vast larger conscious system rotating as cyclical, rhythmic inbreaths and outbreaths into and out of manifestation, as the multiverse from the singularity.

The cosmic exhale for our little tiny corner of the multiverse in particular, was most recently 13.8 billion years ago.

Universes within the multiverse,

Star systems within the universe, planets in their orbit around suns. 

Systems within systems.

The Earth body, …..the continents, …..the construct of nation states, societies and cultures.

Human bodies as vehicles for the evolution of consciousness.

Organ systems, ….organs….., cells, organelles within cells.

We are consciousness.

We are fundamentally, awareness, the constant background of all that we experience.

As awareness we are the still-point consciousness that bears witness to that which changes.

We are the perpetual presence that witnesses the movement, transforming, transmuting, becoming. 

We are multidimensional beings.

Even as we are the watcher, the observer, the witness in still point consciousness at the core of being, we are also projections in the matter universe  —  data streams of experience. As such we are ever changing, ….never the same from moment to moment, nanosecond to nanosecond.

We are process.

Our quantum selves are an undulating ripple of waves that stream forth as our own unique frequencies, our individuated units of consciousness …. infused into multiple dimensions from the undifferentiated wholeness. 

EVEN AS ….we are that wholeness evolving through us.

We are shafts of light, lifestreams  projected out from unified consciousness into the bandwidth of apparent form.

We are becoming as we evolve at the pace that our lifestreams can best digest, metabolize, and integrate.

Waves we remain until the 5 senses apprehend us, tuning out our vastness to narrowly perceive only the illusion of static form.

Please call up to your mind’s eye, the image of a flame, specifically a candle flame first.

We are movement. 

We dance the primordial, perpetual dance of being.

Become aware with your innervision of a candle flame before you,… first flickering and then holding moderately steady, occasionally shifting, 

moving ever so gently, ever so slightly. Internally mirror and feel its stillness, it’s calm, quiet steadiness.

May all sentient beings know this calm and steadiness.

Gaze into the flame in a stone hearth fire warming a room, dancing, changing, flaring up, blazing, 

occasionally popping, shifting in every moment. 

Constantly changing shape. Rising, descending, radiating warmth that permeates you, and holds the room cozy.

May all sentient beings know this safe warmth and enveloping coziness.

Seat yourself as close as you dare to a blazing  bonfire which is surrounded by a circle of smiling friends engaged in murmuring conversation after a long productive work day outdoors. 

The fire crackles in the crisp autumn air. Sparks rise into the night, tiny fireworks against the black, starlit sky.

The blaze peaks so high at times that you can just barely see the illuminated faces of those seated on the other side of the circle. 

Voices calm and soften as the warmth of the fire draws everyone into its dancing trance, mesmerized by light in perpetual motion.

Be warmed through and through, within and without by the brilliant, radiant fire.

Be with the fire. Feel the light and warmth of the fire. The fire is within you, within me, within us us all… as one.

May all sentient beings experience interconnectedness, the flame of oneness that burns like a pilot light within us all.

We are light.

Glowing light.

Radiating light.

Intensified light

Our focused luminescence consumes all shadow, transmuting it into light.

This moment we are foci of the source of light

Flowing through us is a pristine river, a living fountain of light

Which can never be requalified by human thought and feeling.

We are outposts of quantum source.

Any shadow that would blind us, 

Is swallowed up by the mighty river of light which we are.

We are…we are… we are light.

We live, we dwell, we calmly abide in light.

We are light’s fullest dimension.

We are light’s purest intention.

We are light… we are light… we are light.

Flooding the world everywhere we move 

Strengthening, transmitting, conveying the purpose of 

true-self as consciousness.

We are spacious.

We are clouds of wave-like quanta on a mission, held in ever metamorphosing  morphogenic fields.

Morphogenic fields hold the space for the coalescing of our consciousness.

We can hold the space for the planet that serves as the platform for our evolution.

We can hold the space for humanity.

Even as we are spacious, we are the pilot lights.

We can choose to tend the perpetual flame that burns to illuminate awareness which exists outside of time.

We can simultaneously tend the flame and hold the space for our planet, for the United States of America, for our communities, our families and for our own wellbeing.