Visualization —simulation is the language we use to communicate with the unconscious mind. Imagining ourselves doing something activates the same parts of the brain that are triggered by actually performing the action.

The brain is malleable —constantly rewiring itself in response to stimulae. We can use visualization intentionally, choosing mental images and simulations which align us with our most resourceful selves. With sufficient repetition, purposefully focused 50ab235cdc1652ae6bb77962c31b1a70visualization will physically alter the brain in ways that serve us. We take command and control of our own neurons, the fundmental building blocks of our nervous systems, directing them to fire and form neuronal pathways that refine who we are. Visualization strengthened by strong emotion creates powerful neural pathways.

In addition to not distinguishing between what is visualized and what is physically happening, the unconscious mind does not function in linear, sequential time. So, the mind-brain does not distinguish between our working with past, present, or future envisioned experience. When we think consistently about  past, present, or future experiences we are strengthening the pathways associated that material in the present moment.

The images below are offered to prompt specific visualizations with which community-of-practice members are currently working. The image gallery will be consistently updated as the work evolves.

matrix plugged in.jpg

matrix stream.jpg

matrix street scene

Self-observe: Slow and still thought, rest attention in the greater field of the heart center.
Elevated Television Screen
sports bar screen
Elevated Television Screen
movie screen
Movie Screen
slide projector
Slide Carousel
Slides of experience encoded in multiple modalities.
scrabble-rack 2
Slide Rack
scrabble courage
Slide Rack
empty room 4
Cavernous Room
empty room 5
Cavernous Room
empty room 2
Cavernous Room

cave 2

cave 1

empty room 3
Cavernous Room

cave 3


Photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges.  Known as Electrography, Electrophotography, Corona Discharge Photography (CDP), Bioelectrography, Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV), and Electro Photonic Imaging

Time lapse blossoming rose – Metaphorical opening of the heart center.

Time-lapse Rose flowering filmed by Neil Bromhall.


heart aura

Accurate guidance comes only from within while in CONSCIOUS unity with the undifferentiated, quantum field of unified intelligence.